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Advantages of Preplanning and Prefunding
  • It makes everything much simpler for your family at the time of your death.

  • It eliminates questions and disagreements on what type funeral service you would want.

  • It eliminates the concern as to who will pay for your funeral.

  • It “freezes” the cost of your funeral plan.

  • It shelters the funds for funeral needs if you would ever become sick, put in a nursing home and have to apply for assistance through the county.  You won’t have to cash in this plan and it won’t disqualify you from Medicaid.

  • It guarantees that the funeral will reflect your wishes.

  • We offer a number of convenient payment options, including two years same-as-cash.  Remember if death occurs before you finish paying for your funeral, the funeral costs may be covered in full and the remaining payments will be forgiven.